Sunlouvre pergolas


Sun Louvre Pergolas is 100% Aluminum Pergola with adjustable louvers make it possible to open and close the roof and thus have complete control of the sun and rain on your terrace.

This is very fashionable type of pergola offer great versatility to adapt to the peculiarities of all: hotels, restaurants, offices, commercial buildings, private homes, farm houses and rooftops. Pergola projects are custom made to answer everyone’s needs, to maximize the exterior space and harmonize perfectly with the environment. 

  • Louvers integrated inside the roof structure.
  • Modern look and design.
  • No louvers or mechanisms are visible when the roof is closed.
  • Rainwater flows inside the beams.
  • Wind resistance up to 200km/h.


Pergola can offer a great deal of shading from the sun. They’re ideal for people who intend to spend some time to outdoors and yet want to sit in a shaped spot. you can have them attached to your home or build as a separate structure.Pergolas are also ideally suited for hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces. there are several ways to customize your automatic pergola: different construction design, roof shape and construction types, side panel options, LED light variants and mode of control.


The French manufactured, fire rated and 100% waterproof architectural membrane fabric is available in a range of colors in both opaque and transparent that provide maximum stability and resistance to temperature, moisture, and dirt, and the acrylic top coating makes it very easy to clean for years to come.

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