A window blind is a type of window covering. These are many difference kinds of window blinds which use a variety of control systems. A typical window blind is made up of several long horizontal or vertical slats of various type of hard material, including wood, plastic or metal which are held together by cords that run through the blind slats. Window blind can be operated either a manual or remote-control option.

Roller Blinds


Roller blind available in blackout, screen, matte, double and printed option. Roller blind consist of wrapped fabric in aluminum pipes and have the ability to move up and down with their can be operated by chain and remote-control motorized system.


Zebra blinds working principle is the same as a roller blind. But through this blinds texture, works as both a tulle and regular blinds. By using this blind as a tulle, you can ensure that daylight enters the using as a sun visor, you can prevent your view from the outside or create a dark environment.


The Vertical Blind system is very easy to use and have wide product range and color options. We apply vertically blinds with more than 200 color and pattern options in our product range.In addition, it is highly preferred due to its easy installation and vertical working principle. Its working methods are opening from middle and opening to right or left side.


Wood Venetian Blind is a wonderful collection of Natural wood and faux wood metallic series to complete and add elegance to your interior. The raw material of the wooden venetian blinds is an elegant and practical addition space, its versatility allows for matching with most design, providing for a modern, stylish and practical choice, available in a range of series and colors. These blinds have an option of motorization available with them. We have the perfect look for every room.

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