Luxury Shades offer a wide range customized retractable awning and engineered for wind loads and use high quality components. A superior quality awning fabric from luxury shades will help control the summer heat and glare of your outdoor deck or patio so you can enjoy the outdoors years to come.

Our high-quality retractable fabric awnings come in two operation modes, Motorized or easy hand crank. Manual awning opens and closes is less than a minute, using a hand cranked gear mechanism. Your retractable awning can be rolled in and extended for easy use giving a cool shade tree comfort to your deck or patio.

Basket Awnings


The basket awning suitable for small dimensions is mostly used for to cover the sun and rain for the sliding or fixed window for looks attractive when looking to promote a store-front or brand on the façade of a building, shops and restaurants. it gives free rein to your imagination with the customization of the fabric.

Basket Awnings
Drop arm


Drop arm awnings are the perfect way to protect smaller areas or easily create pleasant shading for individual windows and balconies. With many customization options, drop arms awnings allow for you to create a durable sun shading solution suitable for any window or door. We have a wide range of colors and designs for a sun shading system made exactly according to your taste.

Vertical Awnings


A Vertical Awning is an external shading system for vertical covering of verandas and balconies. Vertical awning is a versatile way to seal an area or you want to bit of privacy from nearby balconies or you can get some extra shade from the sun when it’s at its lowest point.


Vertical Awnings are probably our easiest product to install. The vertical awning is operated with a handle and remote or switch or is usually attached to the ground with hooks. pricing of the vertical awning is based on the width and drop of the opening being covered as well as the fabric of the structure.

Vertical Awnings
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